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Re: Bug#396331: upgrade-reports: sarge to etch removes kernels

Steve Langasek wrote:
> On Tue, Oct 31, 2006 at 08:57:25AM -0800, Kevin B. McCarty wrote:

>> This problem (automatic removal of old kernel packages) is apparently
>> fixed in the version of aptitude in Sid, 0.4.4-1.  If this version was
>> allowed to pass into Etch (currently aptitude in Etch is only one
>> version behind Sid, at 0.4.3-1), then the release notes would only have
>> to say something to the effect of "Install the aptitude from Etch
>> *before* dist-upgrading."  (The Sarge release notes contained a similar
>> instruction, BTW.)
> Wow, what?  First of all, how is there anything buggy in the current
> aptitude removal to justify "fixing"?  If the old kernel-image package is
> marked in aptitude as auto-installed, aptitude is *supposed* to remove it,
> this is a feature not a bug!  (It's a feature which has non-obvious
> consequences to many users, but I don't believe there's any sane way to
> "fix" it.)

Sorry, maybe I didn't make myself understood well, or else I didn't
understand the bug report.  If I read correctly, the submitter is
complaining that his dist-upgrade wanted to remove the package
containing the **currently running** kernel.  Wouldn't that be a problem??

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