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Re: Bug#385793: -dev packages should not be architecture all

> yes, if the tetex maintainers, the gtk maintainers and others would do
> the same as you do now, we even had longer times of uninstallability.

Uninstallability on few architectures, that have much more important
problems than that. And I'm not uploading every other day.
Plus, there are much less reverse dependencies on xulrunner than there
are on gtk.

> It's not an archive problem, please keep the project in mind, not just
> the package.

It *IS* an archive problem. It shouldn't put packages from different
versions of the same source package in a single Packages file.
That is, if it references version of libxul0d, it shouldn't
refer to version of libxul-dev at the same time.

> Reopened the bug report. The bug is not fixed. Is there a reason that
> you do change it?

I'm not going to turn the -dev packages to arch: any for the sake of it.


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