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Re: How to deal with teTeX's and texlive's RC licensing bugs

Hi all!

On Mit, 27 Sep 2006, Frank Küster wrote:
> and do not allow texlive as an alternative.  Among the packages any
> texlive package conflicts with, there might be some more.  Some other
> conflicts just indicate that the package is not up-to-date, and texlive
> installs the newer version contained by upstream.  Norbert?

I am weeding through the conflicts to get rid of them, but as you said
some of these packages are outdated, some do not provide the full

> circ-tex
	not checked

> dviutils
	the texlive tpm bin-seetexk provides more binaries, namely
	in addition dvibook and dvitodvi, and I didn't want to loose
> ethiop
	not checked
> ivritex
	not checked
> lacheck
	not checked
> latex-beamer
	see below pgf
> latex-svninfo
	not checked
> latex-ucs
> latex-ucs-contrib
> latex-ucs-uninames
	in the process of checking, as in texlive this is one tpm, and
	in Debian 3 packages, I have to check the version and whether
	all files are provided.
> latex-xcolor
	old version in Debian
> lhs2tex
	not checked
> octave-forge
	both provide a binary called mex ... I didn't have time to
	work this out until now
> pbox-tex
> pdfscreen
> pgf
	old version in Debian with important bugs (backward
	compatibility is broken), I have prepared a new package for
	1.01 and send all to the maintainers, no response
> ptex-bin
	binary of the same name, ptex
> rcs-latex
> tex-chess
> tex-skak
> textopo
	not checked

Furthermore, the problem is that all these packages depend only on
tetex, so as long as the maintainers don't upload new packages I cannot
change the dependency order.

Best wishes


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