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Re: arm release issues

On Sat, Sep 09, 2006 at 11:21:52AM +0200, Andreas Barth wrote:
> * Andreas Barth (aba@not.so.argh.org) [060828 20:14]:
> > hppa and ia64 are only temporarily bad, but arm has shown these problems for
> > some time now. One of the most troublesome packages is xulrunner, as
> > quite a few packages (build-)depend on it. It is yet unknown what the problem
> > is, if e.g. a longer build timeout might help, or what else is required.

> Unfortunatly, xulrunner is still not fixed yet.

> Another package which caught my attention is arts, please see
> http://buildd.debian.org/fetch.php?&pkg=arts&ver=1.5.4-1&arch=arm&stamp=1156962832&file=log&as=raw

> This blocks currently not only arts, but also kdegames.

So arts is happily fixed now; gcj-4.1 is not, due to 387875 which showed up
once the new gcj-4.1 was installed in the archive and started being used for
building packages.

Here is the list of arm-only problems I know about that currently keep arm
from catching up / making headway against the list of unbuilt packages:

- sablevm-classlib: buildd timeout, needs timing info before give-back
  - qdbm: needs up-to-date sablevm-classlib to build

- gcj-4.1: 387875
  - ecj-bootstrap: needs fixed gij-4.1
    - kaffe: needs to be retried with a current ecj (not built since 2003?)
  - gjdoc: needs fixed gij-4.1
    - xulrunner: needs current gjdoc, *and* needs timing info
      - epiphany-browser: needs up-to-date xulrunner
      - totem: needs up-to-date xulrunner
        - gnome-python-extras: needs up-to-date totem
          - democracyplayer: needs up-to-date gnome-python-extras
      - evolution-data-server: needs up-to-date xulrunner
        - evolution: needs up-to-date e-d-s
  - trang: needs fixed gij-4.1
  - postgresql-pljava: needs fixed gij-4.1

- gnuradio-core: needs timing info
- firefox: needs timing info

So a lot of java-heavy stuff; unfortunately, even if you don't ever plan to
run java on arm, you can see that there are now quite a few packages that
have java in their build-dep chains.  A number of previously out-of-date arm
binaries have now been removed from unstable, which helps for gradually
clearing uninstallables/out-of-date packages out from testing, but doesn't
do much to help arm get a consistent package set for release; and there are
also still the arm packages uninstallable in testing, listed at

Porters, please work on these issues (and the others listed at
As things stand now, it does not seem likely that arm can be released with
etch on the same terms as the other archs, with large swaths of desktop
and/or java packages unavailable for arm.  If it's the consensus of the ARM
team that these packages aren't a useful target for the architecture, then
perhaps it would be better for the arm and m68k porters to work together to
identify a subset of the archive that's appropriate for embedded systems,
instead of struggling with and failing to meet the current standards?  Hmm,
then again, one of the 28 arm uninstallables in testing right now is
"contacts", which seems explicitly targetted for arm systems, but is deep in
the java chain listed above... :/

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