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Re: Debian Naming Suggestion

On Friday 08 September 2006 20:14, Jeremy Herndon wrote:
> I currently do not subscribe to the mailing lists. So I don't know if
> this has been considered.

	Ok, CC:ed, but probaby -project is a far better place to discuss sich 

> I want to offer a suggestion for a new Debian naming convention. I have
> enjoyed the Toy Story names. But perhaps it has run it's course. We have
> used 10 toy stoy names over a period of 10 years. That is a good round
> number and would be a logical place to start anew.
> If Debain were to name the new testing branch "Andy" (the owner of all
> the toys). That would make a good ending point and when it is moved to
> stable, a new naming convention could be instituted for the testing and
> unstable branches.
> I propose that Debian continue along the same vein with characters from
> a different Pixar movie. IMO, Finding Nemo makes a lot of sense. It has
> a lot of named characters that will provide years of distro names. The
> unstable branch could be forgetful "dory" or undiciplined "darla".

Sounds great, but do in mind that there are lots of docs and writings out 
there which call unstable Sid (since it is a never changing codename), I even 
read some where it is used as a verb (e.g. to sid = to upload or enter 
sid ;-). This is probably less true for experimental (codenamed Scud, the dog 
is Sid, if I'm not mistaken).

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