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permission for ICU transition

ICU version 3.6 has been released.  I would like permission to upload
it to unstable and cause an ICU library transition.  These source
packages contain binary packages that depend upon libicu34:


Only boost and xerces27 above are libraries.  Hopefully their
dependencies are set up suitably to not themselves build depend upon
libicu34-dev.  In any case, the ICU source interfaces appear to not
have non-compatible API changes, though I haven't rigorously verified
this.  It seems likely though that this transition will just be a
question of updating build dependencies on the dependent packages.

I would stay on top of this transition and be willing/able to NMU
packages as needed.  The biggest and most visible package here is
openoffice.org, but that package seems to be well-maintained.  Also, I
emailed the maintainers of all these packages to alert them to the
fact that there may be an ICU transition, and I uploaded a beta
version of ICU 3.6 to experimental.

May I proceed with the transition?  I'm on vacation right now, but if
I get the go-ahead, I may do the upload Tuesday evening after I get
home, or perhaps later in the week.

Since ICU releases infrequently and this version of ICU includes a
number of added features including support for the latest Unicode
spec, I am hoping we can get this released in time for etch.  The
current version of ICU in unstable has never been in a stable release.

Jay Berkenbilt <qjb@debian.org>

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