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pre-announce 2: GNUstep library transition in Debian

Hi everyone,

As promised, the new GNUstep library packages are ready. They are currently available from my personal repository[1], but hopefully they'll be uploaded soon to Debian.

[1] apt source: "deb http://debian.uhoreg.ca/ unstable main/gnustep", or fetch them manually from http://www.uhoreg.ca/programming/debian/

These packages should be parallel-installable with the current packages in Debian sid. (If you previously got my 1.12.0/0.10.3 packages from my repository, you'll need to install gnustep-back-common with "dpkg --force-overwrite".)

As I said in my previous message, the only change that you need to do to your packages is to change the Build-Depends to:
libgnustep-gui-dev instead of libgnustep-gui0.10-dev
libgnustep-base-dev instead of libgnustep-base1.11-dev.

For applications or tools, it may also be a good idea now to change the wrapper script symlink to $(GNUSTEP_SYSTEM_ROOT)/Makefiles/gnustep-app-wrapper (or gnustep-tool-wrapper) instead of /usr/bin/gnustep-app-wrapper. Since those scripts are not meant to be executed directly, they have been moved out of /usr/bin, and after etch is released, I plan on removing the compatibility symlinks that I've installed into /usr/bin.

Also, if you have not already done so, please use /usr/share/GNUstep/debian/config.mk instead of hardcoding the GNUstep paths in your debian/rules file.

That's all for now. I'll send out another announcement when the GNUstep libraries have all been rebuilt on all architectures, at which point uploads of updated packages can be done.

Hubert Chan - email & Jabber: hubert@uhoreg.ca - http://www.uhoreg.ca/
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