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D-Bus going modular


  In the last releases dbus has been split up in seperate packages, one for the
  core libraries and the daemon and the various bindings in their own packages.
  Which is ofcourse good news.

  Apart from that the core library had a soname bump, a deprecated function has
  been removed. Unfortunately the function (dbus_connection_disconnect) is
  still used by various applications, so these need a little patching 
  Recently all the needed pieces of have been uploaded to experimental and some
  testing has been done with running the new dbus with the old core bindings
  and rebuilding gnome packages against the new versions.  Apart from the
  patching mentioned above, no problems were encountered.

  If there are no concerns from the release team, i would like to start
  uploading the new dbus packages to unstable at the end of the coming weekend.
  In the mean-time we'll be filing bugs with patches for the packages that
  still use dbus_connection_disconnect.

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		-- Tom Lehrer

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