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Re: Removing insecure packages from etch

On Wed, Aug 16, 2006 at 05:07:31AM +0200, Goswin von Brederlow wrote:
> Could we quantify that somewhat? Is one security bug enough? Are 10?
> Do we have a delegate that could audit and veto a package already
> other than the release team? Is that the domain of QA or security?
> Maybe any new package (one not in stable already) that has a security
> bug could be automatically blocked from the next stable release until
> a source audit by some team (security? qa?) is done? Doing this for
> every new package is probably too much to ask timewise but for any
> package known to have one exploit already that seems prudent.

imo, that is a separate, more proactive problem to solve - and for
that, metrics will probably need to be created, used, reassessed, etc.

But for now (i.e., for etch), I would think it sufficient for the
security team to agree that they cannot sanely security support a
package. I don't think we need a well established process for this, at
least anything more than consensus within the security team.

Filing the bug means that this is public knowledge, and gives
developers a chance to volunteer to assist the security team for these
difficult packages. I'd suggest a mail to d-d-a by the security/release
teams that announce the first set of packages, so developers aren't
surprised when their favorite package drops.

dann frazier

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