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Re: Mass kernel udeb building solution

On Tue, Aug 15, 2006 at 09:42:57PM +0200, Frans Pop wrote:
> This thread has also again shown that Sven is not really interested in 
> discussing the issue, but only in pushing his own agenda.

Frans, i am still waiting for sincere apologizes on your part for the indecent
behaviour you demostrated while my mother was dying. As long as you have not
done that, or at least showed at least a hint of regret, i would much
appreciate that you don't address me or mention my name in any way. Even
Andrew and Jonathan/Ted showed less contemptible behaviour than you in this
regard, and one of them was kicked out of debian, while the other has been
driven away.

It has been many month now, and the more i think of it, the more clearly i
don't manage to find any excuse to the utterly contemptible aspect of your behaviour
back then.

Now to come to my agenda as you say, contrary to you, i have never tried to
stiffle discussion about possible solutions, nor abused your might and given
threats on irc if i ever dared think about the kernel issue again.

Notice also that this 'script' mentioned here was something Joeyh said to me
he could do easily over a year ago now, during debconf'05 at helsinki, it took
you very long to ever come to this, and you profited from all this time to
bash on me at the minor problems on the powerpc buildds, and where over quick
to throw me out at the first occasion. I also explicitly asked Dann to mention
this issue and discuss (notice the term 'discuss') these issues at debconf'06
in mexico, but from all reports you where particularly reluctant to even
consider the issue.

You are not dign to be the d-i leader, you are unable to accept constructive
critics, and respond with major bashing and agressiveness and even got so far
as throwing me out of d-i while i personnally begged you to be lenient because
of my personal situation. You have no human decency, and i feel strongly that
this kind of behaviour has no place in debian, but then maybe i am wrong, and
maybe, as others have said before me: "Debian is not the same anymore as when
i joined so many years before".

So, until you learn some decency, and learn the meaning of the word
'discussion', please go away and don't address me anymore, ever.


Sven Luther

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