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icu with new soname in experimental

I've uploaded a beta version of icu 3.6 to experimental.  This version
of ICU includes an soname bump, so I am alerting the release team as
requested.  I'm alerting the release team after the fact though since
it is going into experimental.  I'm also confirming here that, once
this clears NEW, I won't upload ICU 3.6 to unstable without
coordinating with the release team.  ICU has a relatively small
reverse dependency tree, but it is big enough that any ICU transition
would have to be coordinated.  I'm hoping 3.6 gets released in time to
be in etch.  The ICU software has historically been quite stable, so I
doubt the transition would be difficult should we have the opportunity
to attempt it.  Once icu 3.6~d02 clears NEW, I will post to
debian-devel and also email the maintainers of the reverse
dependencies to ask people to test with it.  Hopefully that will
accelerate a transition when we're ready to have one.

Jay Berkenbilt <qjb@debian.org>

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