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Re: udeb support for britney

Frans Pop <fjp@debian.org> writes:

> An important question for the design of a solution is how acceptable it 
> would be to have source and udebs out of sync in testing between d-i 
> releases. Of course, for a stable release everything must be in sync, but 
> IMO we can easily manage that.

I understand that all source will be kept in archive as long as the
udebs exist. They just aren't listed in the main/source/Sources file
anymore. Right?

Could we create a main/debian-installer/source/Sources file that
contains all udeb building sources in the version that the udebs have?
Those would often be duplicates to the main/source/Sources file except
for those where the version differs.

Alternatively the main/source/Sources file could list both versions of
the source.

> ... maybe the archive scripts should make sure that the source for
> "out of sync" udebs is not deleted from the testing archive to
> satisfy GPL requirements.

That is essential and should already be effective. It works for debs


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