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Re: flashplugin-nonfree broken in sarge

Hi Bill,

About this old thread on debian-release:

You wrote on Thu, 30 Mar 2006 15:42:01 -0600 on debian-release:
> I would suggest to provide a 7.0.25 version with an updated 
> /etc/update-flashplugin.conf.rb that point to a fixed plugin.

I think that this would cause the reopening of old bugs.  I understand
that you prefer a solution with minimal changes, but in the case of
flashplugin-nonfree version 7.0.25 that's not enough, in my opinion.

We're a few months later now.  Today I suggest to consider version as documented here:

You'll probably want to review it:

If version is too different from version 7.0.25 to be
allowed in stable-proposed-updates, then I suggest that version 7.0.25
is removed from stable, or that I prepare version 7.0.25remove to be
distributed in stable to remove the old insecure plugin from sarge

Your opinion on this?


Bart Martens

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