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Re: Etch timeline is unrealistic because non-free firmware is NOT being dealt with

Nathanael Nerode wrote:
> http://wiki.debian.org/KernelFirmwareLicensing is grossly out-of-date, but I
> will integrate the relevant information from that in the process.

KernelFirmwareLicensing is supposed to track information about
mis-licensed firmware. IIRC you mentioned to have found at least one
such driver in the Debian kernel, if that's correct, please update
the wiki with that information.

Please don't use KernelFirmwareLicensing for correctly licensed

> Alternative option: the Wiki page could be revived and used to coordinate
> the process.  Unfortunately it's quite out-of-date, and it's unwieldly.

You can split a page in several ones, probably per driver directory.


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