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Sarge 3.1r3 preparation - Needed work for Debian Installer update

This mail is intended for AMD64 Sarge ftp-masters.

I have today uploaded debian-installer (20050317sarge1) to "stable". This 
upload of the installer is intended to be released with Sarge 3.1r3 and 
is required to keep some installation methods working.

The reason some installation methods will no longer work after the 3.1r3 
release is that kernel security updates since 3.1r2 have included ABI 

The build of the installer is somewhat special as it retrieves udebs not 
only from stable, but also from stable-proposed-updates. This is needed 
to be able to include the updated kernel (and other) udebs before they 
are released into the main archive.

Below is an overview of actions that (TTBOMK) are needed to allow AMD64 to 
follow the 3.1r3 release for the other arches.
Note that these actions need to be completed as soon as possible to allow 
the new installer for AMD64 to be included in the CD builds that will 
take place immediately after the 3.1r3 release.

1. Cleanup of debian-installer section in s-p-u
The AMD64 s-p-u d-i Packages file [1] currently contains some udebs that 
were part of previous point releases; these should be included in the 
stable d-i Packages file and removed from s-p-u:
- cdebconf (0.74.2)
- e2fsprogs (1.37-2sarge1)
- os-prober (1.04)

2. Build of newly uploaded udebs and inclusion in s-p-u
The following two packages have recently been uploaded to stable, but 
AFAICT have not yet built for AMD64 and included in s-p-u:
- preseed (1.01.2) (note: replaces preseed 1.01.1 currently in s-p-u!)
- base-installer (1.13.4sarge1)

3. Inclusion of updated kernel udebs in s-p-u
Dann Frazier has prepared updated kernel udebs for all arches which are 
available at gluck:~dannf/3.1r3-lkdi-rebuilds. These need to be uploaded 
to s-p-u.

4. Rebuild of debian-installer
After the three preceding actions have been completed, debian-installer 
(20050317sarge1) can be built and BYHANDed for AMD64.
I don't know the exact details of what needs to happen, but James Troup 
can probably help with that.

5. After the release: migration of udebs from s-p-u to stable
If you want updated CD images for AMD64, the release of 3.1r3 for AMD64 
will need to happen close to its release for other arches. This should 
include the migration of udebs from s-p-u to stable.
This is of course unless you can agree with the debian-cd team to do a 
later rebuild of CDs from AMD64.

If there are any questions, feel free to contact me.



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