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Re: Decision about oot-modules for etch

Marc 'HE' Brockschmidt wrote:
> That is something the kernel team needs to plan, the release team has no
> schedule for it. It's not an explicit release target or goal, but it
> would be nice if we could include this in etch, to reduce the pain.

waldi already answered this one, but thanks.

>>   * Will be oot-modules in main outside of the linux-modules-extra be
>>     removed by the release-team for etch?
> This is not planned at the moment.

ok, this and...

>>   * Will there be something similar for contrib modules too (e.g.
>>     linux-modules-contrib)?
> -> kernel team.

dito, already anwered by waldi.

>>   * If no conglomeration package for contrib modules, will oot-modules
>>     of contrib be removed by the release-team for etch?
> No.

...this one here are the two most important questions i wanted to have
an answer to. good that there is, finally, a precise answer, thanks for

>>   * If contrib oot-modules outside of a conglomeration packages will not
>>     be removed, will it be possible to have updates to the usual
>>     conditions for point-releases, or, will this be refused for
>>     oot-modules of contrib given no contrib-conglomeration package is
>>     done?
> -> stable release team. The one member sitting next to me agreed that
> updates will be allowed to enter stable point releases iff the fixed
> issues confirm to the usual fix policy (eg. fixes broken arch, fixes
> something considered rc, doesn't break stuff)

implicitly already granted by not banning the non-conglomerated
oot-modules from etch, but thanks for writing it down.

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