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Re: totem vs. installability of testing on i386

* Nathanael Nerode (neroden@twcny.rr.com) [060612 15:19]:
> This is actually rather good.  The uninstallability count in 'testing'
> on i386 is down to the lowest count I've ever seen.

I removed some packages that were uninstallable. BTW, the count is
higher than you might expect, because we put xorg-x11 back in (but in
sum, we went down from 40 to ~5 in something like 10 days).

> Unfortunately, it's not perfect because totem is uninstallable....
> You probably don't actually want to do this, but if you feel like it,
> this would fix that.
> urgent popt/1.10-2
> urgent totem/1.4.1-2

This doesn't help, because totem depends on libxlm2 (which is a new
upstream version, so I'm not running an urgent hint on it).

Also, totem is not current on a lot of platforms
totem-xine |      totem |    1.2.1-4 |      unstable | arm, hppa, ia64, m68k, mips, mipsel, s390, sparc
totem-xine |      totem |    1.4.1-2 |      unstable | alpha, amd64, i386, powerpc
which happened because of issues in xine, which are supposed to be fixed
by the xine upload being sponsored today.

So, we might expect to have really 0 uninstallable packages on i386 in
10 days or so - after that, I'll look on powerpc for the same.


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