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Packages that ought to be kicked out of testing

This is a follow-up to my email to debian-qa about packages that it
would be nice to remove from unstable,
Two related packages and one of those on the list are also in testing:

# No point in having interchange-doc without interchange
# (not currently in testing).
remove interchange-doc/5.2.0-1

# The most commonly installed binary package from gforge, gforge-common,
# has only 12 installations in popcon.  One of its packages has been
# uninstallable for 64 days.  There is also a possible security-related
# bug, #328224 (it is not RC only because no one has yet
# checked if it applies to the version in Debian, even though the bug
# was submitted 253 days ago).  The versions in stable/testing/unstable
# are identical.
remove gforge/3.1-31

# gforge has one reverse depends, gforge-theme-starterpack.
remove gforge-theme-starterpack/3.1-1

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