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Re: gtk 2.0.x or 2.9+ for etch g-i ? (Was: graphics or text as default)

Sven Luther a écrit :

It is scheduled for release during may, which may or not be delayed a bit.
This is way this is an important point to get feedaback from the release team
and from the gtk-gnome team now. I am CCing them on this.

If they decide to not go with 2.10 for etch, then having a random 2.9 snapshot
or a final 2.10 package just for us would be no worse than the current 2.0.x
packages that we have today.
This thread made it to the top 10 d-release threads for this year in number of posts, and didn't get any reply from a release team member yet. Could you elaborate on what kind of feedback you are looking for? Judging from the following paragraph, you seem to be asking the release team whether Etch's GTK could be 2.10? If so, whether or not the release team needs to comment on this, wouldn't it first need to know the GTK team's intentions and transition apprehensions before being able to comment? I happen to have read the replies to the thread and to know that it was a bad idea to post it here from the beginning, but please don't expect everyone subscribing to this list to enjoy reading lengthy threads crossposted to 3 lists before being able to satisfy your unclear request. It would also be much more optimal to get such requests, if there's an actual need for them, from the GTK team, which should know better than to open a useless d-release thread based on an upstream project's obviously outdated release plans page.

Thanks for your comprehension

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