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Re: The powerpc port should be removed from etch release candidates ...

On Thursday 27 April 2006 13:39, Sven Luther wrote:
> maintainer, and removed my d-i commit rights, there is no way for me to

I revoked your commit rights immediately after your resignation from the 
team because I felt (and I still do) that things had deteriorated so much 
that the d-i team was better of without any involvement from you.
Also, I did not want any interference in the work of (the) new powerpc 
porter(s). The fact that you attempted to fix the cd building breakage 
without first consulting is proof that that was not unjustified.

The reason that I did not inform you was because things were already very 
heated at the moment and because you were at that time still very 
concerned about the welfare of your mother. I thought it was better not 
to add to that.

However, a short discussion after the d-i IRC meeting yesterday and some 
comments from others have made me see that I *should* have informed you, 
whatever the circumstances. So, I hereby apologize for not sending you a 
mail to inform you that I had revoked your commit rights.


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