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open issues and further work for sarge r2


this mail should summarize all that's open for sarge r2, and how we
continue. Please feel free to cluebat me in case of mistakes.

On Tuesday or Wednesday, we assume that the new proposed-update queue
mechanismn is activated by Anthony Towns (that mechanismn will result in
all packages will go through some extra queue for the stable release
team to review them there). This means that no new packages
for r2 will be accepted anymore from that point in time on (in case the
mechanimsn is not ready at that time, we will just do as if it was
activated, and ignore further uploads :).

Shortly after that, we will hand over the final list to the ftp-masters for
the point release (and of course also to the amd64-folks), and to press@
for the announcement. Somewhere around Easter (between Good Friday and
Monday) we will hopefully see the point release. Steve McIntyre will build
CD images as soon as the point release is on the mirrors (or at least on
one mirror he can access - this is not so time critical as for sarge r0;
however, if the point release is done shortly after the daily push is over,
I'd like to give him somehow rsync access to spohr or push the
dists-directory to him somehow, but that's in the end the ftpmasters
decision, not mine, and it's not too important either).

After the point release, we have to clean up the reminders in
proposed-updates before continuing to accept new packages to either accept
them for r3 or finally reject them. After that is done, we should send a
mail to d-d-a explaining the changes.

We decided to delay the kernel updates for sarge r3 for the reasons already
specified in Martin Zobel's last mail. Further noteworthy points are /
might be the changes in devmapper (if the NMU is fast enough :), the
timezone updates in glibc and the fixes to exim4.

Currently, there are still a few open issues. Apart from getting glibc in
there is however nothing that I would consider as critical.

That's it. Thank you all for your help so far, and let's release soon.


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