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Re: testing security status

On Sat, Jan 21, 2006 at 04:28:49PM -0500, Joey Hess wrote:
> The list is back. Not very interesting at the moment though from a RM
> POV. These packages have fixed security holes that are still present in
> testing:

> amanda
> 	20 days old
> 	FTBFS alpha due to missing gnuplot deps, probably needs requeue

> rxvt-unicode
> 	2/10 days old
> 	FTBFS ia64, bad library?

Yeah, both of these should be easy rebuilds; would be done already, but they
were waylaid by the sudo security update breaking all buildds...  On the
bright side, britney wasn't running successfully either during this time, so
it didn't matter!

> apache2
> 	too young
> fetchmail
> 	too young

Urgency bumped to compensate for the britney downtime.

> coreutils
> 	63 days old!
> 	RC bugs
> 	FTBFS ia64 (test suite failure)

Has been retried several times; I don't know if the latest give-backs were
due to an expectation that this has been fixed or not -- I guess we'll see

> ffmpeg
> 	too young

and also out of date right now

> fuse
> 	11 days old
> 	3 RC bugs
> 	suggest removal from testing

Hinted for removal.

> gpdf
> 	too young

And waits on gnome-vfs2/dbus/avahi; with luck this will all clear up

> imagemagick
> 	too young

In today.

> koffice
> 	too young

And blocked on an RC bug in kdelibs...

> php4
> 	too young
> php5
> 	too young

Both should get in as soon as hppa can build them.

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