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Re: kdelibs: breaking the circular dependency

On Friday, 20 January, Christopher Martin wrote:
> On Friday 20 January 2006 08:52, Steve Langasek wrote:
> > Oh, ugh, I was assuming here that it was possible to simply change the
> > --exec-prefix used when building, rather than having to add a suffix for
> > each binary.  I agree, that doesn't sound fun :)
> Ah, right, dumping them under /usr/lib/foo. I knew there was some option I 
> was overlooking :)
> ...
> Some programs can be called directly by users, but some of these are also 
> generally necessary for KDE apps to run. It's messy.

The obvious solution here is to have the binaries live under
/usr/lib/foo and have a symbolic link in /usr/bin managed by the
alternatives mechanism.  Packages use /usr/lib/foo in the path and get
the version they need, and users use /usr/bin and get the version they

I'm sure there are other interoperability questions.  E.g., while the
socket directories step on each other?

	Dylan Thurston

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