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kaffe compiler transition


this is to inform you about the kaffe compiler transition which will affect
most of the packages build depend on kaffe (about 110 source packages).

I am about to upload (well, my sponsor) a new kaffe package which switched
to ecj (eclipse compiler for java) as the default compiler.

This is the result of discussions together with upstream and other debian
java maintainers at the Oldenburger Linux Meeting.

I have opened a wiki page to track the transition under:

I tested every package against this new kaffe package for breakage and commented on it on this wiki page. There is also a section with the
most common problems and how to fix them.

The good news are that only 5 packages (excluding pkg-java maintainers
packages) FTBFS and need a little care. In the next days I will file
bugs against the packages which FTBFS together with a patch.

The maintainers of these package are already informed about the changes.
For most of the packages of pkg-java-maintainers (see wiki) I have already
a fixed package prepared and I will take care of all of them.


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