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Re: easy hint

On Sun, Jan 01, 2006 at 04:51:52PM -0500, Travis Crump wrote:
> easy snmpkit/0.9-11.1 libprinterconf/0.5-8


> #burgerspace is a binNMU
> easy gengameng/4.1-7 burgerspace/1.6.1-2

> #monopd is a binNMU
> easy libcapsinetwork/0.3.0-2 libmath++/0.0.4-3 monopd/0.9.3-1

> #rapple is a binNMU
> easy rapple/1.0-1 tidy/20051018-1

This syntax only works for updates of source packages; for binNMUs, either
the binNMUs need to be listed out separately as burgerspace/alpha/1.6.1-2
[...], or we need to use a "hint" instead of "easy".  I've done the latter
for these.

> easy vdr/1.3.37-1 vdr-plugin-weather/0.2.1e-20 vdr-plugin-vcd/0.7-14
> vdr-plugin-remote/0.3.3-15 vdr-plugin-prefermenu/0.6.4-13
> vdr-plugin-osdteletext/0.5.1-7 vdr-plugin-mp3/0.9.13-8
> vdr-plugin-games/0.6.2-10 vdr-plugin-freecell/0.0.2-16
> vdr-plugin-femon/0.9.5-2 vdr-plugin-dvd/
> vdr-plugin-bitstreamout/0.84-11 vdr-plugin-console/0.6.0-13

Also added as "hint vdr/1.3.37-1", so I don't have to worry about whether
the package versions listed are correct :)

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