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Re: c2a transition status

On Sun, Dec 11, 2005 at 06:50:50AM -0500, Nathanael Nerode wrote:
> It really is going pretty well.  I see no reason to think that there will
> be any difficulty in finishing both the c2 and the c2a transitions completely
> in etch.

> At this point arm is catching up with its build backlog, but hppa is
> dropping fast; HPPA is now doing worse than ARM.  HPPA may need to be
> added to the list of architectures where the uninstallability count can
> increase, since there's no progress on some of the nasty bugs like the
> illegal instruction in glibc preventing ARTS from building.  If the HPPA
> problem is dealt with one way or another, I think the KDE cluster for the
> c2a transition (the largest cluster) will be a reasonably smooth hint.

It's a bit soon to declare that there's "no progress" on the hppa bugs, I
think; AFAIK this bug *was* fixed once (KDE packages were building), and
then it was somehow reintroduced, and we're waiting for some FTBFS fixes in
glibc before it gets uploaded again (since the new binutils breaks it on
many archs).

> It looks like the following need rebuilds (or removal from testing)
> for the GNOME C++ cluster to enter testing:
> * timfx
> * libbuffy
> * mysql-query-browser
> * patchage
> * quickplot

All of these are in the process of being binNMUed; most are done on all
archs with the exception of m68k; timfx also needs a build still on hppa
(but apparently only due to buildd backlog, not due to uic).  libbuffy has
even gotten into testing already.

Looks like patchage has had a maintainer upload, though, so that'll take a
little longer.

> * tagcolledit (after libtagcoll-dev is ready everywhere, as noted by Enrico Zini)

Also progressing on the binNMU front, though libapt-front is having problems
on ia64 that someone will need to look into.

> Then it looks like that cluster will go in fairly smoothly with this hint:
> hint libsigc++2.0/2.0.16-2 glibmm2.4/2.8.2-2 gconfmm2.6/2.10.0-3

Hint added now, with a few other libs included.

> c2a *libraries* probably needing requeues:

> * digikam -- should probably be requeued on sparc, powerpc, mips, mipsel,
>   ia64, alpha; it didn't build because it needed new arts, which is now
>   present (except for hppa).

Requeued and built, thanks.

> * libaqbanking -- should be requeued on ia64 and hppa; failed to build
>   because kdelibs wasn't ready,  which it is now.

Seems to have been hand-built by someone on hppa. <sigh>  Given back on

> * mysql++ -- FTBFS on sparc, looks like a transitory buildd problem -- requeue?

What problem is this?  The mysql++ binaries on sparc seem to be current, and
dated Oct 22.

> These packages have old versions in testing and can't get the 'c2a' versions
> in because of build problems:

> * dar -- FTBFS on ia64 (binutils bug, #342777),

The version of binutils this bug was reported against has already been
superseded in the archive; anyone tried rebuilding?

>          FTBFS on mips, mipsel (#342778)

 configure: static linking not completely supported on this system, CANNOT
 and WILL NOT build dar_static !

Right, so definitely a package bug; dar has no reverse-deps anyway, so can
be clipped from testing if appropriate.

> * tse3 -- FTBFS on alpha, ia64 (#337820), not yet built on m68k, s390

Note that #337820 was filed by the s390 build maintainer, so it fails on
s390 as well.

> * gnuift -- no reverse dependencies

Build-depends on libmysql++-dev, which has to transition first (as noted by
the blocker set in the BTS)

> * mercator -- cyphesis-cpp

Build-depends on wfmath, which took a couple of iterations to get resolved;
should be clear to upload now, though.

> * xalan -- zope-zms, metapackage med-cms from debian-med
>    Neither depend on the library directly so neither will need a rebuild.
>    of its own (metapackage med-cms from debian-med).
> * zipios++ -- enigma

These two are casualties of my lacking stamina to NMU the entire alphabet.

> * rlog -- encfs, libpam-encfs, gmailfs (Recommends)

Right, another NMU candidate.

> One more c2a oddity which needs an updated version and has the old
> version in testing:
> * festival -- not a dynamic library, but there is a -dev package.
>               Should be queued for rebuild to fix static library

$ madison -S -s testing,unstable festival
  festival |   1.4.3-17 |       testing | source
  festival |   1.4.3-17 |      unstable | source
  festival | 1.4.3-17+b1 |       testing | alpha, arm, hppa, i386, ia64, m68k, mips, mipsel, powerpc, s390, sparc
  festival | 1.4.3-17+b1 |      unstable | alpha, arm, hppa, i386, ia64, m68k, mips, mipsel, powerpc, s390, sparc

Already done...

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