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buildd maintainers stuck?

The initial upload of libcapplet 1:1.5.11-12 failed to build on alpha,
arm, i386, and mipsel because of a temporarily absent build
dependency.  This upload occurred over three weeks ago.

On November 17 I requested that the buildds requeue this build, but
nothing has happened.  Can the release team please schedule a binNMU
or do whatever is supposed to happen?

Likewise, libglade1 1:0.17-5 was uploaded at the same time and failed
on the same four archs for the same reason.  Again, a request to
requeue it was sent on November 17, and nothing has happened.

Sending mail to <arch>@buildd.debian.org is supposed to work.  Perhaps
the solution is for these requests to be tracked on archived mailing
lists and the BTS?  Or is there some other solution other than bugging
the release managers?


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