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Re: bug 284925

* Thomas Bushnell:

> What is expected of me with respect to bug 284925?  I would like to
> close it; a DSA was given for the version in stable, it refers to
> woody only, etc, something like that.  I don't understand the details,
> but I'd like to close it.  What should I do?

You should acknowledge the NMU of 1.9.14-17.1 and make sure that these
changes are applied.  Ah, you did that, but since the bug was filed
against two packages, it didn't have the intended effect.

The changelog mentions only CAN-2004-1026.  Maybe you could check that
CAN-2004-1025 is fixed as well, and mention it in the changelog?
I'll see if I can find a copy of Red Hat's SRPM.

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