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Re: beta status

An update on the d-i beta status. We're getting really close, AKA most
things seem likely to work now. Ccing some other relevant lists.


> - Thanks to fjp, base-installer 1.35.4 should get d-i working again with 
>   secure apt and CDs, but we're currently mssing uploads of successful
>   builds for 3 architectures. This is the last udeb we plan to put into
>   testing for the beta, once it's built everywhere. Also, once this udeb
>   does reach testing, it should be possible to do some etch_d-i CD
>   installs and test things out.

The fixed base-installer will reach testing with today's mirror sync. So
within an hour or two (netboot etc) and after tonight's build (CDs) the
etch d-i images can be used to test the beta and should actually work.
Your testing and reports are appreciated, as we decide when to make the
beta final.

Some links for those images:

floppy, netboot, etc:

This is just a beta so I am not going to be too picky about testing, but
it would be nice to fill out as much of
installer/doc/devel/release-checklist as we can. At a minimum we need to
make sure that businesscard, netinst, and full CDs (once we get some)
work for i386 and powerpc and that the desktop task installs ok and


> - debian-installer FTBFS on alpha, but apparently only on the buildd.
>   http://buildd.debian.org/fetch.php?&pkg=debian-installer&ver=20051026&arch=alpha&stamp=1130532682&file=log&as=raw
>   We need this build if alpha will be in the beta.
>   The other builds of 20051026 should be final for the beta, but still
>   need to be installed and tested out.

This is still a problem and I've seen no progress on this issue. Even
someone doing a manual build and upload on alpha would probably be
acceptable this point, (as long as you file a FTBFS bug too or
something so we remember to investigate the buildd issue later..).


> - amd64 CDs seem to be significantly broken, we've been getting many
>   failure reports all week. (#336353, #335556, #335653, #336173, #336451)
>   Unless this is resolved and we see some successful amd64 installs, it
>   won't be in the beta.

This was resolved, only to hit the next problem with amd64: The amd64
archive signing key is not trusted by apt. So currently testing amd64
installs only work from the netinst CD, all the other install methods,
which use apt authentication, are broken.

This is fixed in apt, but it won't reach testing in a while
due to annoying gcc-4.0 dependencies needing to reach testing first.

amd64 has also not built the most recent version of the debian-installer
package, and has been marked as "building" for over a day at
Additionally, it seems that the last debian-installer build to be built
and installed into the amd64 archive was rc3, in May. See
http://amd64.debian.net/debian/dists/sid/main/installer-amd64/ So I'm
not even sure if version 20051026 will get properly installed even if it
does get built for amd64.

At this point I'm not sure what to do about amd64 and the beta. I would
rather not wait for a possibly indefinite gcc-4.0 transition to get the new
apt in. Only supporting the amd64 netinst could work, so could doing
some magic to get an upated apt into testing.


I've become aware of another issue, which is that some m68k d-i udebs
were miscompiled by a broken compiler there and don't work. I understand
that smarenka has been working on this, but I don't know the currently
status of it (beyond what's documented at
http://wiki.debian.org/DebianInstallerM68kTodo) and whether m68k will be
included in the beta is uncertian.

see shy jo

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