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Re: testing security status

Steve Langasek wrote:
> endloop: 73+157: a-6:a-8:h-7:i-8:i-6:m-157:m-6:m-5:p-6:s-8:s-13
>     now: 76+157: a-6:a-8:h-7:i-11:i-6:m-157:m-6:m-5:p-6:s-8:s-13
>     * i386: mozilla-locale-fr, mozilla-locale-lt, mozilla-thunderbird-locale-sv
> Three locales that (once again) need to be updated or removed to get the
> mozillae in.  Everything else is ready.  They should probably be RC bugged,
> and fixed/removed.

RC bugs filed.

see shy jo

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