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I suggest commenting out the KDE/JACK/unixodbc hint for now, since we know
it won't go in for (a) at least two days and (b) until libpng does (barring
gobs of binNMUs), and we further know that it won't give useful information
until then.

Meanwhile, I suggest uncommenting the imlib/libpng hint so we can see what's
still broken.  gnome-print and libglade might have to be added to the hint
but it's not clear yet.

* fvwm just got sucked into the mess by the ARM autobuilder 'grieg',
  which had the previous version of libpng12-dev
* gmoo doesn't build on ia64, apparently due to the
  imlib11-dev/gdk-imlib1-dev conflict, or on sparc, apparently for some
  different gdk-imlib11-dev reason....
* There's something funny going on with the gtkhtml build on ia64 --
  jadetex not installable.
* Similarly, terraform failed to build on sparc because of an uninstallable
  tetex-bin and tetex-extra?
* The 'gb' source package is being removed from unstable, and so it wouldn't
  hurt to remove it from testing.

Incidentally, subversion has an unsolved RC bug (335039), and needs an
obsolete binary removed on MIPS (libsvn-javahl), as well as waiting for
perl.  Removal of rapidsvn and pysvn would still allow the wxwindows2.4
cluster to go in, but I suppose there are more rapidsvn and pysvn users than
users of all the wxwindows2.4 packages put together.  And since libgtk-perl
is waiting for perl, it won't help get libpng in until perl goes in (but
perl might be ready well before subversion, and in that case it might be

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