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Re: libmysqlclient12 to libmysqlclient14 transition

>But I asked first back in july, JACK cheated the queue! :-)))
Yes.  So did libpng and openssl.  KDE didn't, though, since it's part of the 
C++ transition, which is priority one.

After the KDE stuff gets in, it will probably be safe to start transitions, 
since that will be 90% of the C++ transition.  I can't speak for the release 
team, of course.  Transitions probably should be queued up.  freetype has a 
very early request for transitioning (June); libpcap has an early request for 
transitioning (July); tetex-3.0 has a July request; and you have a July 
request.  Finally, libgsf has an October request.

Of these, most of them look like they can safely happen at the same time.  The 
only worrisome one is freetype, which might (will) interfere with other 
things, so the release team should make a decision about when to do it.

I'm optimistic that KDE & friends will get in within a week.  The current 
blockers I know about are:
* upload of (built) qt-x11-free for hppa
* build and upload of kdelibs on hppa
* build and upload of kdebase on hppa
* libpng: _either_ 
-- binNMUs of a great mass of KDE packages to prevent them from depending on 
new libpng (http://lists.debian.org/debian-release/2005/10/msg00185.html)
-- binNMUs of packages preventing libpng from getting in 
-- building and uploading the GNOME 1 libraries and rushing them in
-- then letting libpng in

Feel free to help with any part of this :-)

Stuff depending on new openssl will probably be deliberately broken if 
necessary to get KDE & friends in.  Openssl shouldn't be a big problem though 
because it can go in ahead of its dependencies.

Nathanael Nerode  <neroden@twcny.rr.com>

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