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libmysqlclient12 to libmysqlclient14 transition


In Debian Sarge we had libmysqlclient12 from MySQL 4.0.x as main mysql library
in use. In Etch I already have MySQL 4.1 (libmysqlclient14) and MySQL 5.0
(libmysqlclient15) which is still only release-candidate, so I'd like to drop
support for the 4.0 branch completely.

Note though, that libmysqlclient10-dev from mysql (3.23.x), maintained by
Steve Langasek, which is also still present is left untouched because it was
released under LGPL instead of "GPL+FLOSS Exceptions" and thus be preferred by
some people. 

As we have recently introduced versioned symbols to libmysqlclient14 and -15
the transition "should be easy"(tm) and done just by mass filing a bug report
and maybe after 2 weeks NMU the leftover packages.

  Recompiling with build-deps set to libmysqlclient14-dev instead of
  libmysqlclient12-dev should be enough.

The last published release schedule speaks of 2006 as release date. It might
be that MySQL 5.0 will be stable enough next summer to be shipped -
maybe at the cost that of some more necessary bugfix updates but the benefit
to only have one MySQL for the security support afterwards.

Release Team, please comment :-)



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