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Re: mpich C++ transition status

On Tue, Oct 11, 2005 at 07:22:07PM -0700, Russ Allbery wrote:
> Here is the current status of the mpich/hdf5/lam migration.

> Only one package still needs an upload:

> Source: clustalw-mpi (non-free)

FWIW, clustalw-mpi has now been removed from testing due to the RC bug you
filed on it previously.  The package can of course get back into testing
once it's been rebuilt for the transition, but I don't intend to let the
transition be held up for a single non-free package.

>  * pytables needs a build on alpha and rmpi and scalapack need builds on
>    arm.

pytables is already building on arm (now that there's a python2.3-numarray
package in the archive which doesn't contain an empty .so).  rmpi and
scalapack needed to be given back on arm, due to a buildd burp; this has now
been done.

>  * octave-gpc needs personal attention to get builds for alpha, ia64, and
>    mips (and m68k) due to being in non-free and having non-free
>    dependencies.

This will be a candidate for removal from testing if these builds still
aren't done when the rest of the packages are ready to go in.

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