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beta release update

Just a quick update on what's up with the beta release. Cc'd to -release
mostly because it has a certian bearing on architecture requalification.

I've started to make uploads of the debian-installer package to try to
get it autobuilding and see when it fails. The not-so-pretty results can
be seen here:
These will be repeated until it builds on enough arches to release.

A lot of udebs have already been synced into testing for the beta. One
or two proved problimatic to get into testing (like cdebconf), and I've
been messing with getting those last things synced on and off all week.
There's potentially one more big sync, for the log-output and added
translations, I haven't decided if that set of changes will make the
beta yet.

Various other issues that need to be dealt with before the beta are
listed at http://wiki.debian.net/?DebianInstallerToday and
A few notable ones:
	- hppa hasn't had any kind of successful build or install in
	  ages, though perhaps this will change soon, since they are
	  working on it
	- sparc 2.4 and mipsel (cobalt) netboot images are too big too boot
	- parted destroys vfat partitions on resize
	- s390 doesn't have a working parted
	- the desktop task is still broken in testing
	- CD builds are down (being worked on)
	- sparc is missing a di-utils udeb thanks to
	  broken/slow/nonexistant buildd. There can be only one.
	- ia64 still fails to build due to binutils bug #326103

If I had to guess at the architectures we'd release the beta for today,
I'd say alpha, amd64, arm, i386, m68k (state unknown), mips, mipsel
(partially broken), powerpc, sparc (partially broken).

The only absolute requirements for the release right now seem to be getting
udebs synced, getting images to autobuild and CDs building again, and
doing something about the broken desktop task.

see shy jo

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