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Re: Circular testing exuses for swt-gtk and swingwt

Shaun Jackman writes:
> 2005/9/28, Nathanael Nerode <neroden@twcny.rr.com>:
> > >These excuses seem to be circular between swingwt and swt-gtk.
> > Classic "hint" situation.  They both have to go in together; the
> > excuses are showing that if you move only one in, it breaks the
> > other.  Send a message to debian-release@lists.debian.org asking for
> > them to add a "hint" so that the two packages can go in
> > simultaneously.
> >
> > No point doing so until the hppa build problem is dealt with though;
> > a "hint" specifies particular version numbers, so if you have to
> > make a new upload, you need to ask for a new hint.
> swt-gtk 3.1-2 is all ready to move into testing [1], but it's being
> held back by swingwt, which it make "uninstallable on arm". swingwt is
> a library that, so far, no other packages use. To me, getting swt-gtk
> into testing is far more important waiting for swingwt to get sorted.
> swingwt has a couple issues that may take a while, such as a GCJ
> internal compiler error on HPPA. Can swt-gtk 3.1-2 be pushed into
> testing?

If it ICE's on hppa, why should it be pushed to testing, especially if
there are no apps depending on it?  AFAIK the Java Packaging Team
wants to build these libs from the eclipse source anyway, so the
packages would vanish soon again.


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