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libgsf soname change heads up

I'm expecting a new upstream libgsf RSN. With this release, the versioning
of the libraries will become separate from the versioning of the libgsf
source package, allowing it to properly reflect ABI changes which will help
to prevent problems caused by mismatched libgsf/goffice/gnumeric
combinations (like #308671, #314579).

As a consequence, the libgsf shared library will change from
libgsf-1.so.1.12.3 into something like libgsf-1.so.112.0.4 . I intend to
reorganise libgsf's packaging accordingly. Once the new libgsf packages are
in sid, please update your Build-Depends and make a new upload of your
libgsf-dependent packages to pick up the changed libraries.

Kind regards,
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Jung said that?
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