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Re: clarifications on bjorn.haxx.se

> On Tue, Oct 04, 2005 at 02:19:51PM +0200, Luk Claes wrote:
> > * Updating scim makes 3 non-depending packages uninstallable on alpha:
> > scim-hangul, scim-m17n, scim-uim
> >     * scim-hangul has the latest version in testing (0.1.2-1)
> >     * scim-m17n has the latest version in testing (0.1.3-1)
> >     * scim-uim has the latest version in testing (0.1.3-2)
> > 
> > => how should this kind of problem be solved?
On Tue, Oct 04, 2005 at 03:50:55PM +0200, Frank Lichtenheld wrote:
> Hmm, I'm a bit confused by the relationships between these
> packages but a good guess after a first glance would be to
> recompile these three packages against the new scim so that
> they depend on libscim8 instead of scim.

Yes, this is a ABI transition.  All the three packages need to be
rebuilt against the new scim 1.4.1-1 package, and we are working on it.

The real problem is that scim used not to build a shared library
libscim? package.  Instead old scim-* packages depends on scim directly.
This is fixed in scim 1.4.1-1 upload, and as you see there is a libscim8
package now.  To make sure the transition works I had scim 1.4.1-1
explicitly conflicting with all old scim-* packages, this definitely
complicates the unstable->testing transition.  I believe they need to
go in at the same time.  Maybe I should file bugs to scim-hangul,
scim-uim and scim-m17n to have them removed from testing temporarily?

As the shared library libscim? is in place now, the ABI transitions in
the future is going to be much less painful, I believe.

> Perhaps the conflict
> of libscim8 on scim (<< 1.2.0) is confusing britney? (And should
> perhaps have been a replaces anyway?)

Hmm, maybe I messed up here.  I'll read doc again and see if I really
need an Conflicts and Replaces here.

> I've added a hint for scim and scim-chewing now, let's see if
> that changes anything.

Due to the reason above, I don't think it will work.  I'll watch the
scim packages and send request for hinting once the dependency issues
are sorted out.

Thanks Luk Claes for caring and looking into this issue, and thanks
Frank Lichtenheld for the hinting and explanation.

Ming, scim (and scim-uim) maintainer

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