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m68k in danger of being ignored for testing propagation


in recent weeks from the global point of view m68k has started to hold
up the testing migration due to both lacking buildd power and internal
compiler errors.  As of the most recent britney run, the number of
missing builds holding up the testing migration are (sorted by numbers):
460 m68k
227 arm
174 mips
148 hppa
132 s390
114 sparc
(and all others are 100 or less). I know that there is serious work being
put into m68k right now, but - we still have to move on, and m68k currently
cannot be described as catching up.  So, unless there is a serious
improvement on m68k happening right now, we plan to ignore m68k for testing
migration beginning in one week; we already have started to ignore m68k by
hand if that was required to allow an RC-bugfix to go in.  This change
doesn't mean we are dropping consideration of m68k as a release
architecture for etch, but of course it is a step in that direction.


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