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Re: another gnome-2 rug-pulling

Hamish Moffatt <hamish@debian.org> writes:

> I'm confused; libgal2.4{,-dev} are in unstable now, and don't conflict with
> libgal{,-dev}, needed by gnucash, gpredict etc. Hence there doesn't seem
> to be any particular need to remove the old version.

No.  We've sorted it out.  All that is happening is a source-package
change.  The new "gal" source package will provide the 2.4 libraries,
under the 2.4 package and file names.

Takuo doesn't want the "gal" source package to refer to the
out-of-date libraries.  So I've just uploaded gal0.x, which provides
the existing libgal-dev, libgal23, and libgal-data packages.  I've
also notified the other people that Takuo told would have to migrate
from libgal-dev (which is, of course, impossible, if you are
maintaining a Gnome 1 package).


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