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Re: Something wrong with gmp,gcc-4.0 hint?

On Sat, Sep 03, 2005 at 12:56:21PM -0400, Nathanael Nerode wrote:

> There's something slightly cryptic in update_output.txt:

> Trying hint from vorlon: gcc-4.0/4.0.1-6 libcairo/1.0.0-1 gmp/4.1.4-10 sprng/2.0a-3 python2.1/2.1.3dfsg-3 python2.3/2.3.5-8 core++/1.7-3 kaffe/2:1.1.5-cvs20050808-2 mozart/ gretl/1.4.1-2 kismet/2005.08.R1-1 dhis-client/5.2-4 python-crypto/2.0+dp1-2.3 gnutls12/1.2.6-1 clamav/0.86.2-5 glib2.0/2.8.0-1 librep/0.17-11
> leading: gcc-4.0,libcairo,gmp,sprng,python2.1,python2.3,core++,kaffe,mozart,gretl,kismet,dhis-client,python-crypto,gnutls12,clamav,glib2.0,librep
> Trying hint from vorlon: libxklavier/2.0-0.2 gnome-vfs2/2.10.1-5 libwnck/2.10.3-1 libgnomeui/2.10.1-1

> What's going on here?  Normally after 'leading:...' we see an
> attempt to run through packages.  Instead it skips immediately to the next
> hint.

If the hint depends on a package which is not a candidate package, this
is what the output looks like.  (Neither kaffe nor mozart is a candidate

This hint is not expected to be feasible for another week or so; kaffe
in particular probably can't be pulled out of testing to let libgmp in,
and it has two different porting problems open right now.  We also still
have ghc6 that needs to be sorted (or dropped), and of lesser priority,

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