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f-prot-installer should be updated in stable


I am not sure whether this is really the appropriate place for my
inquiry. I am the maintainer of f-prot-installer, an installer package
for the F-Prot virus scanner, which is in contrib.

Currently the installer is broken due to a minor change in the F-Prot
tarball that is downloaded from the vendor's site.

The result is that the start script /usr/bin/f-prot hangs. 

The fix is trivial: replacing /usr/bin/f-prot by a symlink
to /usr/lib/f-prot/f-prot.sh

I have prepared a fixed package that does exactly that. (the change is a
one-liner). I would like to ask whether the release team would be ready
to accept this new version into stable if it gets uploaded.

(If anyone wants to check, it is at
deb[-scr] http://www.rohr.org/johannes/debian/ unstable/ )

Thanks in advance,


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