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Re: testing security blockers

On Thu, Aug 11, 2005 at 04:32:57PM -0400, Joey Hess wrote:
> Long time no report, so here I am again with some analysis of what's
> holding 101 security fixes out of testing. The executive summary:
> Unsuprisingly, glibc is causing a lot of blockage right now, but
> suprisingly the other ongoing transitions are not causing many problems.
> ICEs, hppa borkage, s390 needs-requeue, and some mising uploads for arm
> are also common. Several fixes have been blocked for a month or more.

> asterisk
> 	blocked by unixodbc which is blocked by several packages that
> 	are too young to reach testing. Might get unblocked within 4
> 	days.

Eh, no it won't.  The full chain required for a unixodbc update includes both
php4 and php5; see the grep-excuses for those packages for more fun.

> centericq
> 	blocked by glibc which is 5/10 days old and needs to be hinted
> 	as it's frozen due to producing udebs

It's still being sorted out, but it seems likely that glibc is implicated in
the current hppa breakage, so I wouldn't expect this current build to hit

It's also got a problem with not restarting services on upgrade (NSS ABI
incompatibility), and nscd isn't installable on alpha.

> ekg
> 	1/2 days old, missing hppa build, blocked by glibc

So, hppa should be ignored at this point for any RC bugs that could
otherwise be fixed in testing; but the number of bugs in that state is
approximately zero until glibc 2.3.5 reaches testing anyway, and that may or
may not include a fix for hppa as well...

> krb5
> 	28 days old
> 	FTBFS on m68k due to gcc ICE, needs followup

Is this one that we should consider pushing into testing without the m68k

> net-snmp
> 	blocked by perl, which FTBFS on some arches

Also has a fresh RC bug, 322500.  I'm not completely convinced from the
description of the bug that it is an RC ABI change, but it's certainly a

> openmotif
> 	72 days old
> 	Non-free package with old buils on several arches that will not
> 	get rebuilt unless done manually.
> 	Unfortunatly removing these old builds involves removing
> 	dependent packages on those arches, unsure if it's time to think
> 	about doing that yet.

Perhaps a mail to the affected porter lists and the maintainers of the
reverse-deps would be in order first.

So, we're probably going to be sitting here for a while waiting on glibc
yet, and many of these packages have newer versions on all archs in
unstable, which makes them candidates for uploads to t-p-u.  Even hppa
should be fine for t-p-u, though we may have to get things selectively
reenabled on sarti for that.  Is it time to start doing testing NMUs for
some of the packages on this list?

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