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Speeding the GNOME transition

OK.  The GNOME transition isn't going to happen for a *long* time,
since it's stuck behind the xorg-x11 transition.  Also, at least
control-center and icewm need new uploads.  But I've found
some other things which might help clear it once that happens.

# libpango is holding up gdesklets
unblock pango1.0/1.8.2-1
# Decouple GNOME transition from perl update
remove perlpanel/1:0.9.1-1
remove libgnome2-wnck-perl/0.10.2
# Allow libgtop2 to go in; wmfire maintainer hasn't updated it
# to libgtop2-5 (bug open for a month)
remove wmfire/1.2.1-4
# libgsf's RC bug is already in etch (holding up librsvg2 and gdesklets)
force libgsf/1.12.0-1

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