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Things holding gcc-defaults out of etch

So there's something weird keeping gcc-defaults out of etch.
gcc-defaults is waiting for gcc-3.4.

britney thinks that updating gcc-3.4 in testing will break jigdo
on arm.  Presumably this is because jigdo in testing depends on
"libstdc++6-0" on arm, which isn't going to exist any more.

jigdo in unstable is waiting (on ARM!) for new pango1.0 to get into testing.
pango1.0 is "in freeze", whatever that means, and is only 4/10 days old.

jigdo also needs the successful sparc build uploaded from the buildd,
and is only 4/10 days old.

* pango1.0 must go into etch first (rush it?)
* jigdo sparc build uploaded
* jigdo goes into etch (rush it?)
* Then gcc-3.4 goes in
* gcc-defaults can go in as soon as gcc-3.4 does (after 2 days)

Now, I noticed this because perl is waiting for gcc-defaults (sigh).
Perl also failed to build on m68k and arm, of course.

Unfortunately, libgnome2-wnck-perl is waiting for perl, and libwnck won't
be able to go in until libgnome2-wnck-perl can.

Unless libgnome2-wnck-perl is just removed from testing for now,
which might be the right thing to do; its only rdepends is perlpanel,
which has no rdepends.

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