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glibc bug 318429 holding up C++ transition

libgc, apt, fam, and goodness knows what else FBTFS due to this bug -- which 
is a trivial header error -- but only on ia64.

It's not clear what the right course of action is.  If the "old" glibc in sid 
builds cleanly with gcc 4.0, almost certainly it should be uploaded with a 
fix for bug 318429 ASAP.

If glibc in sid requires substantial extra work to build with gcc 4.0, 
however, something else should be done.  Waiting for the glibc from 
experimental is probably not a good idea here, because this bug is causing 
problems for a *lot* of packages.

I can think of several options, but perhaps the simplest is to ignore ia64 for 
purposes of progression to "testing", until the new glibc is in.

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