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Re: LSB version for etch


* Matt Taggart (taggart@debian.org) [050627 11:19]:
> Andreas Barth writes...
> > I think we should start to discuss which LSB version we want to have as
> > basis for etch soon.
> I don't know of any reason why it can't be LSB 3.0 (spec release this week). 
> It does require a newer glibc than sarge and some of the X tests might require 
> Xorg to pass, but those are both goals for etch right?

At least more than just very likly :)

> > If there is anything else from your side on that matter, please don't
> > hesitate to tell us.
> OK.
> How do you feel about multi-arch?
>  http://people.debian.org/~taggart/multiarch/
> How do you feel about support for alternate (ie non-sysv) init systems?

We will try to get the release done a bit better on time. :)

So, we restricted the number of release targets very much. None of them
seems to qualify as release blocker IMHO.

Of course, if someone does the work to get them supported, that'd be
nice. And for multi-arch, my understanding up till now is that there is
still no consensus how it should be done. If this is fixed in time,
there might be some limited multi-arch support. Given our wish for a
release in 15-18 months, I feel that full multi-arch will probably not
be possible for etch in any case.

Of course, debian-release is not the forum to discuss about multiarch
details. :)


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