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Bug #309257: libpano12: patent problems

severity 309257 grave
tags 309257 - wontfix
tags 309257 + sid etch


* Florent Bayle:
> severity 309257 important
> tags 309257 wontfix
> stop

> This bug should not prevent libpano12 from going into testing.

Patent problems are not something that you can refuse to fix! And how do
you come to the comclusion that they should not prevent libpano12 from
reaching testing?

I'd like to request removal of libpano12 from Debian in the current form
for the reasons outlined in the bug report and the ITP for panotools.

* Josselin Mouette:
> So what? Are we going to remove any piece of software for which a
> jackass claims he has some prior art?

That argument would hold for the MP3 encoders as well. A "realistic
threat" makes "patent problems" something dangerous.

> Come on, please resurrect the non-us archive. There are many pieces of
> software we could distribute in it without risking patent lawsuits.

The lawsuit WRT panotools has threatened the _German_ developer (that
hardly ever left Germany) to the point where he abandoned the software.
This wouldn't fit for your new non-us archive.


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