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Re: release policy changes

* Florian Weimer (fw@deneb.enyo.de) [050609 15:16]:
> * Andreas Barth:
> > About:
> > 	Shared libraries must be compiled with -fPIC, and normally static
> > 	libraries must not be. If you need to provide static libraries
> > 	compiled with -fPIC, call it "<libname>_pic.a". 
> >
> > There was some discussion last year about a library that was compiled
> > w/o PIC on i386 to better utilze the few registers (and that was
> > reasonable faster). We might want to switch that for that reason to a
> > "-fPIC on !i386, ...". Of course, that probably needs some technical
> > discussions.
> Wouldn't it be sufficient to defer to generic policy on this one?  PIC
> library/DSO support is mostly a C/C++-specific domain, and not
> everything that Debian ships is written in C/C++ or some scripting
> language.

Do we have such a policy available? In general, doing that might be a
good step, yes.


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