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Re: Release team for etch?

Christian Perrier wrote:
> For this not to happen, we might need to have an already established
> release team for etch. Maybe the people currently involved in the
> release team as RM and assistant RM just want to continue the hard
> work. Maybe some of you people just want to get a break....
> Anyway, I think that we would all benefit in knowing as soon as
> possible about the etch release team and have it setup and already
> working, for instance on trying to sort out the issues which blocked
> us for a while....or already try to setup some release schedule (June
> 6th 2006!).
> So, maybe already a few words from the already involved people?

I seem to be leaning more toward the "let's get on with etch" end of the
spectrum myself. Perhaps already somewhat to the annoyance of some other
more hard working / stressed out release team members. ;-)

With that said, I'm not especially convinced that traditional stable
releases are still the most interesting or best way to get newer
versions of Debian out there and in a usable state. I'm increasingly
feeling that making testing suitable for more users is a better
approach, at least for me. Kinda makes me wonder if I belong on the
release team; OTOH I can't imagine making testing more releasable could
do anything but help make stable releases better or easier.

see shy jo

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